Valentine’s Day Gift guide (for people on a budget)


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My Christmas Gift Guide for people on a budget was a hit, so I thought I would remake it for a new holiday! Introducing: a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (for people on a budget).

First up: the purpose of a valentine’s day gift is to show affection and love. You can do that without spending a single penny! The best valentine’s day gifts demonstrate a couple of things:

  • That you know your sweetheart well, and are aware of their likes, dislikes, interests and turn-ons.
  • That you care about your sweetheart and willing to expend time and effort on their present

This means that a generic ‘for her’ or ‘for him’ gift that you prime from Amazon is not in your best interests! Instead, use the following ideas as inspiration, a starting point to brainstorm gifts that contain an element unique to your relationship.

Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts

In this part of the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide we look to gifts that take time rather than money. The following gift-ideas are all about spending a bit of time and effort to produce something personal and delightful.

A romantic meal

Look, it’s a cliché for a reason. That reason is that it gives you the opportunity to show both that you understand their likes and dislikes (they love mushrooms and hate fennel? You’re on it.) and that you’re prepared to put in a bit of effort to make a special meal with a romantic ambience.

The other great thing about a home-cooked meal is that then you get to spend some quality time together as you eat it. Bonus points if you make a dessert-to-share.

Cookies / Baked Goods

Similar to a romantic meal, but better for some circumstances, is a little treat box full of their favourite cookies, croissants, cupcakes, or heck–sausage rolls.

You can make this cute as anything–unicorn cupcakes, strawberry cheesecake, dark chocolate tart with raspberries. The options are limitless.

Go the extra mile and package them up in a cute box*.

Draw or paint a picture

If you are artistically inclined, a cute portrait of you and your partner, a beloved pet or a favourite character goes a long way. It takes time and effort, and if you pick something they like, like a character they fan over, it shows you’re paying attention to them

It doesn’t have to be a picture of course. If you’re a knitter you can knit a scarf or a blanket. If you’re a gardener you can collect some seeds or cuttings. Musicians can write songs, poets can write poems. Treat your sweetheart like a muse, and you’ll be joining a long line of creative artists who have done the same.

Valentine’s Day Gift guide: Gifts Under £5

Looking for something sweet for your sweet but you’re trying hard to keep your financial house in order? These gifts will raise a smile without breaking the bank. All gifts are on Etsy, which is a great place to find handcrafted treats for a low price. However, you can find similar gifts everywhere.

Honeycomb Soap (£2.49)

I don’t know why I find these little soaps so adorable, but I do. And I think plenty of people out there appreciate something that is sweet, a little different and consumable (so won’t become clutter). Bonus points if you take a shower together.

Soap makes a sweet Valentine's Day gift
You can buy these cute soaps on Etsy

Seashell Candle (£4.50)

A candle is one of those things people will either love or hate. If your sweetheart likes candles, this is a cute little seashell candle that will make them smile.

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Candles are a classic gift
Perfect for a spa-like feel

Dried Lavender Sprig (£2.99)

Flowers are a classic. Dried flowers are nice because they last longer. Etsy is full of dried flower bouquets that range widely in price, but if you just want something small and beautifully scented, these lavender sprigs are a perfect small gift that can be tied to a card or added to a handmade gift to give it a special little twist.

Flowers are a traditional Valentine's Day gift
Delicate flowers with a #cottagecore vibe

Sleepy Tea Gift Set (£4.95)

When you reach a certain age, few things in life are appreciated as much as a good nights sleep. While it may not be the acrobatic nighttime activity you had in mind, if your sweetheart is feeling stressed, burned out, or run down, a box of calming tea may be just the thoughtful gift they need.

Tea as a gift creates a moment
Look, I bang on about the importance of a good nights sleep a lot, okay?

Make a Wish bracelet (£2.50)

This butterfly bracelet comes with a little extra dash of sweetness. The recipient can make a wish and put the bracelet on, and when the bracelet falls off the wish comes true.

I’ve linked a butterfly ‘make a wish’ bracelet, but you can find many different kinds, including cats, dogs, pineapples and frogs so make sure to choose something personal.

Jewellery doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningful
Only you will know if your sweetheart will find this mawkishly sentimental or adorably sweet.

Valentine’s Day Gift guide: Under £15

If you’ve got a bit more money to spare, these gifts are a little more luxe but still careful to say “I love you”. Of course, once again you can just these as inspiration. If you buy a scented candle or some dried flowers try and pick your partner’s favourite scent, or a meaningful flower. Think of memories you have together and choose something related–a rock can just be a rock, or it can be a polished pebble from the beach where you went for your honeymoon.

Rosewood candle (£12)

We’ve already had one candle, and now we get another! This one is scented and beautifully packaged, ready to fill your home with a romantic ambience.

This scented candle is an elegant gift
Elegant soy candles

Valentine’s Day Cookies (£9)

If you want to give something sweet, but you’re not much of a baker (or you’re long-distance and want something you can send through the post) these sugar cookies are an elegant solution.

Beautiful rose engraved sugar cookies
Not going to lie, these are way neater than anything I could make

Matching bracelets (£9.99)

If you want something symbolic that shows you’re a pair you can’t go wrong with matching jewellery. These bracelets have a swapped stone to be both unique and matched, just like you and your sweetheart 😉

Jewellery is often used symbollically
Great for long distance partners who want a visual reminder of their sweetheart

The most important Valentine’s Day gift is time and attention (Free)

Gifts are nice. And if your partner’s ‘love language’ is gift-giving and receiving, you’d better make the effort to give something. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be the Best Gift Ever. What matters is it comes from you.

But even more important than giving gifts is giving the gift of time and attention. Put your phones away, have a conversation, connect mentally, emotionally and physically. Remember why you are with this person, what matters to you about them. Compliment them. Make them feel good about themselves.

Because words and thoughts are free–but also priceless.

What are you giving your partner for Valentine’s Day?

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