How to live like a grown-up


Ever struggled with how to live like a grown-up? Cinnamon Sunrise is your guide to #adulting like a pro. You can find out more about me and the blog, or you can find the most useful posts below.

Live like a grown-up: The three fundamentals

The three fundamental life skills that grown-ups need to master are sleeping well, eating well, and moving often. Get better at these, and you’ll see improvements in every other part of your life.

Remember to look after yourself. I’ve got a standard self-care checklist and a self-care checklist for depression.

Live like a grown-up: Improve your social skills

We’re a social species, dependent on each other for survival. Improving your social skills will benefit many areas of your life. Find out how to make friends as an adult (and why you should).

Don’t forget that once you’ve made new friends, you should make sure they don’t take advantage of you. Establish strong and flexible boundaries.

Live like a grown-up: Get organised and plan everything

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Without a system in place we tend to be far less efficient.

Discover the evolution of my planning system, and how I use the Passion Planner to organise my life.

Find out what health check-ups you should be getting, and when.

Learn about my favourite apps by reading my review of Fabulous and my review of Daylio.

Live like a grown-up: Stay within your means

“Don’t spend more than you earn”. So simple, isn’t it? And yet so hard. Discover the basics of setting a budget. Join in on the Month of Money to get ideas on cutting costs, earning more, and improving your financial situation.

Start by cutting your expenses, perhaps by saving money on your food bill?And try increasing your income and earn some money on the side.

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