Valentine’s Day Gift guide (for people on a budget)


My Christmas Gift Guide for people on a budget was a hit, so I thought I would remake it for a new holiday! Introducing: a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (for people on a budget). First up: the purpose of a valentine’s day gift is to show affection and love. You can do that without spending a single penny! The best valentine’s day gifts demonstrate a couple of things: That you know...

How to deal with transitions in life


Transitions are inevitable in life. From the moment we emerge squalling into the world to the moment we shuffle off this mortal coil, we are faced with times of growth and change. Some changes are sudden and devastating; the death of a close friend or loved one or the sudden loss of a job. These whip through our life with the force of a hurricane, leaving grief in its wake. Other transitions are...

How to set healthy boundaries


Most of us will have come across the idea of ‘setting boundaries’ before. In this post I’ll discuss different types of boundaries and explain how to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Our personal boundaries can be physical, material, emotional or mental. Physical boundaries protect our body. They are there to protect our personal space, and they allow us to control who...

Christmas Gift Guide for those on a budget (Updated for 2019!)


Christmas! Whether you embrace its flash and glitter, cherish its warmth or find it all a bit much… there’s no denying that it comes around every year. And every year lots of people spend too much money, and come January are deeply regretting the impulse purchases and last minute presents. As with all occasional but predictable expenses there are a few things you can do that will...

Why you need to maintain financial independence after you get married


I read two things recently that made me #headdesk. As a result, I had to write about why it is SO important to maintain financial independence after you get married. The first thing I read? A “you should maybe get a pre-nup, but not really because that’s just planning to fail” comment over on a personal finance blog. The second? “I don’t understand why you have not...

Reflections on the arrival of my Goddaughter


The surge of feeling I had when you were born surprised me. I imagine it is a shadow of what your parents felt the first time they saw you; a wave of love, a fierce desire to protect, and a tinge of fear. Fear — because, really, who am I to guide you? You have been born into a world that is filled with awe-inspiringly beautiful things. A world filled with love, tenderness and joy. And you...

How to make friends as an adult (and why you should)


Do you remember when making a friend was as simple as offering to play a game of marbles with someone? Within moments of that you had decided that this was your new best friend of all time forever. Adult friendships are a lot harder. They are hard for lots of reasons. The time we poured into friendships as a teenager instead gets taken up by work, family, and children. We move around in...

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Take your life to the next level with my free monthly challenge

Commit to taking focused action every month – and take your life to the next level.

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Monthly Challenge

Take your life to the next level with my free monthly challenge

Commit to taking focused action every month – and take your life to the next level.