The Convenience Factor


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I am getting my booster shot today.

In my previous city, I only had to walk 15 minutes or so down the road to reach the vaccination site.

In my new city, I have to travel for around an hour. A lot of scratching my head over Google Maps eventually yielded a 20 minute walk, a train journey, and another 30 minute walk as being the most efficient route.

I did briefly flirt with the idea of using an Uber, but then I remembered Uber is evil.

Most of the time I enjoy not owning a car, but every now and then I am presented with a journey that is quite annoying by public transport and falls in the middle of the work day, when I feel less happy about meandering about on my feet.

But then I resolve to enjoy the walk, and look at the things along the way.


It was not an enjoyable walk. It tipped down with rain and I got soaked. However, I got my booster shot and felt the warm glow of satisfaction that comes from being slightly uncomfortable for a good cause.

Fingers crossed for no side effects!

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