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Weekly Reflections #4


Oof, it’s been a while. But that’s life. It always gets in the way of my best intentions somehow. But the important thing is to pick back up where you left off and keep going. In no particular order: I went on holiday. I got to see manatees and thunderstorms and dolphins. The world is wide, deep and full of beautiful, exciting and strange things. Lightning I finished Absalom, Absalom...

Weekly Reflections #3


In no particular order: Less than one week until I am in the USA! How exciting. I’m going to get to see mangrove forests and alligators and ALL SORTS.I am currently making this black bean and chicken soup with leftover roast chicken. It’s so easy. And I always feel properly domesticated when I use leftover ingredients in other meals.I joined my local library! Finally! I’ve only...

Weekly Reflections #2


In no particular order: I freaking love Final Fantasy 7 and I am so stoked for the remake. But do I buy a PS4? Or do I hope the PS5 comes out before the game? Because it seems pretty clear that future parts will be for the PS5, right? Yeesh, gaming is so confusing.I had some leftover cookies going stale, so I turned them into cookie crumbs and mixed them with peanut butter and then melted some...

How to respond to the climate crisis (without getting overwhelmed)


If you’re anything like me, all the bad news about how terrible things are for the environment has you panicked and overwhelmed with despair. Unfortunately, despair is not a sensible response to the news. Rather, we need to respond to the climate crisis by taking focused and high-impact actions. Otherwise the world will end. Okay, okay, that wasn’t in keeping with the ‘without...

Weekly Reflections #1


In no particular order: No matter how much I think I will enjoy doing nothing, as soon as I finish whatever time-sucking project I have going on, I start something else. I enjoy being busy and creative.Walking 18 miles is no harder on the body than walking 14 miles, but psychologically it feels harder. (I completed an 18 mile walk on Saturday 2nd June. The hardest part was dealing with the heat...

Eat better, feel better: the best diet for depression


Let me start with the bad news. You can’t cure your depression by eating a stalk of broccoli. Sorry. And, as I talked about in my post about how clean eating fed my depression, trying to achieve a ‘perfect’ diet can make depression and anxiety worse, not better. Now for the good news! There is a lot of research about the link between diet and depression. Eating a nourishing and...

Self-Care Checklist for when You Are Sick


I thought I would add a self-care checklist for when you’re sick to my library of self-care checklists! I’ve written a couple before: there’s my self-care checklist for depression and my quick self-care checklist which is more general. However, the past couple of weeks I’ve had both a rotten cold that has gone to my chest (seriously, I cannot shake this irritating cough)...

How to make a budget (and stick to it)


Making a budget is fundamental to almost any financial goals you might have. Want to get out of debt? Make a budget.Want to retire early? Make a budget.Want to reduce your work hours so you can spend more time with your family? Make a budget. What is a budget? A good budget is a plan for your money. If you feel like your spending is out of control, a budget is the best way to take back control...

What is a gratitude journal?And why should you start to keep one?


A gratitude journal is, at heart, very simple. It’s the act of taking a few minutes to write down things that you are grateful for. In fact, in some ways, is is deceptively simple. The truth is that gratitude journaling carries a host of benefits, and that the act of ‘being thankful’ has been a part of philosophical and spiritual life for most of human history. Let us rise up and be thankful, for...

Review of Daylio – a mood tracker and micro diary app


This post is not sponsored. It’s an honest review of Daylio.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a tendency towards depression. I have found multiple ways of managing that, and for the most part now have solid routines in place. One of the key things for me was to start tracking my moods. This helped me to figure out what activities led...

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