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Happy Friday folks!

I am doing a little refresh of the website, making it a little simpler and a little faster.

The layout is from ThemeForest. I wanted the focus to be on the content, and less on the graphics and wizzy bits and pieces. After all, you aren’t here to admire my logo, you’re here to receive my hard-won wisdom, right?

I will also be refreshing a few popular posts over the next few weeks, and bringing you more!

More posts about ‘adulting’, especially the challenges of adulting as an older millennial with a jaded eye about politics and the climate crisis.

More posts about crotchety political views such as how the Green Party Women’s group should focus more on activism and less on arguing 💚

But also more reviews of apps and tools to make your life easier, and posts circling back around those fundamentals: sleep, health, money, relationships.

I might even start talking about pensions and index funds. That’s how you know you’re fully grown up.

Quite frankly, I don’t know how you’ll contain your excitement until my next post.

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