The View from 2023


Hi all and welcome to a New Year! 2022 was a doozy: it saw us spend an extended period of time in the USA, so that P could spend time with his family; most importantly his Dad, before he passed away. It saw me job hunting (properly) for the first time in a long time. The last job I got via applications & interviews was back in 2012. Every job I’ve had since then has been through my...

Watching Twitter Die


The past few days I have been refreshing twitter almost non-stop. It’s the same morbid fascination as you have towards a car accident. Elon’s approach to ‘management’ is fun to watch from a distance — and must be deeply frustrating to go through. As a millennial, I have survived the death or slow collapse of many a social site. I started socialising way-back-when...

Website refresh: simpler & faster, with a little hint of cinnamon


Happy Friday folks! I am doing a little refresh of the website, making it a little simpler and a little faster. The layout is from ThemeForest. I wanted the focus to be on the content, and less on the graphics and wizzy bits and pieces. After all, you aren’t here to admire my logo, you’re here to receive my hard-won wisdom, right? I will also be refreshing a few popular posts over the...

In gratitude for a lovely Saturday


Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out, there was a gentle breeze, and my spouse and I set ourselves a rather arbitrary quest to go and buy bubble tea, which necessitated us walking some 3 miles down the river into town and then some 3 miles back. People often wonder why I don’t own a car. There is no doubt that cars are useful, and I do occasionally miss the ease of getting anywhere...

The ‘unprecedented’ year+


I’m back! I realise nobody is following along with this blog anymore — unless you subscribed to it in an RSS reader, in which case, hello! Me, on a recent wander. Hello. It’s been a strange year (and it isn’t over). Words like ‘unprecedented’ got thrown around a lot at the start, but in all truth it wasn’t really unprecedented. People have been predicting...

The lure of the blank slate


I am sitting at my small desk, looking out the window at a cloudless blue sky. The heat wave has faded a little around the edges, leaving a breezy 22° summer day behind. And I am musing on this blog, on writing, on money, on new beginnings. Blogs have evolved over the past decade or so that I’ve been online. What began as a literal diary, handwritten in HTML files, has become a cottage...

Blog Report: My First Six Months of Blogging


So in February I officially finished my first six months of blogging. Exciting! I celebrated by ignoring my blog completely. So… to rectify that, here is my six-month blog report which is actually going to cover seven months from August 2017 to March 2018. Why seven months rather than six? Because I am late posting the report, and it’s more interesting to look at seven months of data...

My third month blogging: October 2017 blog report


Welcome to my report for my third month of blogging! You can find previous reports here: first month blogging and second month blogging. My third month blogging: the context I think month three is where I’ve settled into a routine, and started to think about my blog being a part of my life for… well, potentially forever. In months one and two I joined ALL the blogging groups, signed...

Blogger Recognition Award


I am so thrilled to accept the Blogger Recognition Award from Sue at Mama Mia. It was a wonderful  surprise to wake up and discover someone liked my blog enough to nominate me for an award! What is the Blogger Recognition Award? The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by bloggers to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication. As a fairly new blogger, it’s fantastic to...

Second month blogging: September 2017 blog report


Last month I posted my first blog report. It ended up being a popular post, which surprised me. I guess bloggers really do like to read blogs about blogging 😉 My second month blogging: the context I continued to work 4 days a week at my main job. I had a few busy days, and two weekends away that cut into the time I could work on blog content. However, I had a vacation from the 18th – 22nd...

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