Weekly Reflections #5


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In no particular order:

  • I went for a beautiful long walk along the river yesterday. It was grey, wet, cold and raining when I left. As we went up the road I thought ‘what a stupid idea’. By the time we’d gone twenty minutes up the road, the sun had come up. Thirty minutes up the road and I had to take my coat off. And all the mud we trudged through on the way up the river had dried up to a nice firm footpath by the time we walked back. It’s incredible how quickly things change. And that old “This too shall pass” adage is so essential to remember. Anything can be endured for a time.
  • Mind you, if I didn’t have decent walking boots and a raincoat it would not have been a fun walk regardless. On top of “This too shall pass”, is “Be prepared”. Between those two adages you can pretty much cover everything.
  • I’ve got a new freelancing job! Starting in October! Except… I’ll be doing my current job (30 hours a week), my MA (20 hours a week), and my new job (10-ish hours a week). I need to make sure I don’t schedule ANYTHING ELSE for October-December.
  • I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have done a ton of exercise classes. Exercise really does boost your mood and provide energy! It just also takes time and motivation. Why is it so hard to do something that is so good for you!?

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