Weekly Reflections #7


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It’s been an interesting week. I’m counting down until I start my new job (only one week of freedom left!) and trying to make the most of my time off.

On Tuesday I collected my new e-bike. The New Job has a commute that’s a little tricky by public transport and too far to walk. Since I am committed to staying car free, for financial and environmental reasons, I decided to bite the bullet and finally buy a bike. I haven’t cycled properly for 15 years or so, but the e-bike made it easy to ride around for an hour.

On Wednesday I went to a candlelit yoga session that was immensely relaxing.

On Thursday–a bank holiday–we travelled back to my parents for the weekend. The trains were surprisingly non-crowded. Friday I went for a long walk around a country park with a friend, and then my parents and I watched My Fair Lady in the evening.

My brain is buzzing with thoughts about going back to work. Excitement about the return of a regular pay cheque. Anxiety about new people/new expectations. Happiness at getting stuck into something new. I’ve been reading a lot of work related posts, ruminating on project management, and thinking about what direction my career might head over the next few years.

cool things this week:

How to Use Food to Help Your Mood – no surprises here (oily fish, fibre, fermented foods, plants) but a well written article.

When Everything is Important but Nothing is Getting Done – great article about change management within an organisation.

Vegan Banana Bread – we’re reducing the amount of meat and dairy we consume (slowly and mindfully) and this vegan banana bread helped me use up a few bananas on the verge of turning black.

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