Weekly Reflections #1


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In no particular order:

  • No matter how much I think I will enjoy doing nothing, as soon as I finish whatever time-sucking project I have going on, I start something else. I enjoy being busy and creative.
  • Walking 18 miles is no harder on the body than walking 14 miles, but psychologically it feels harder. (I completed an 18 mile walk on Saturday 2nd June. The hardest part was dealing with the heat. I’d rather walk in the rain than in 25°c weather.)
Me in my sun hat walking along the river. This was early in the walk, when I was still smiling!
  • I should read more books and spend less time on the computer. This is hard to do, and I don’t understand why.
  • The more I learn about pregnancy the weirder it gets. Today I learned that foetus cells live on in the mother for decades after birth, and contribute to anything from speedier wound healing to protecting against Alzheimers. The study is here.
  • The more my friends have babies, the more certain I am that I just don’t want one. Babies themselves are boring, although toddlers are awesome and fascinating. But the idea of going through pregnancy, childbirth, 18+ years of parenting…? It’s not for me. And I couldn’t even tell you why not. I like children, but I have no maternal instinct.
  • I now know someone who was roommates with someone who climbed Everest (and almost died). Given that there is a queue to get to the top of Everest now, I suppose that’s not that surprising. Another thing I have no desire to do.


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  • I love your honesty and the randomness. I came here for the Fabulous app review and think I’ll stick around.

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