The shape of a Life (The Vorkosigan Saga)


Three pieces to this: Firstly, I read a travel newsletter called about a trip to Istanbul. I have had a love-hate relationship to travel writing for a long time. The best travel writing utilises scenery to highlight aspects of personality, philosophy or history. The worst reads like an Instagram post sponsored by Sky Mall. This particular newsletter mentions Ukraine refugees and the presence of...

One year later


It’s been exactly a year and one day since I last posted here. And what a year it’s been! Goodness 2020, you sure decided to throw down the gauntlet, right? There are multiple reasons why I haven’t been posting: the most pertinent is that I’m currently working full-time and completing an MA which is absorbing all my free metal energy. It’s been a challenging time for...

Weekly Reflections #1


In no particular order: No matter how much I think I will enjoy doing nothing, as soon as I finish whatever time-sucking project I have going on, I start something else. I enjoy being busy and creative.Walking 18 miles is no harder on the body than walking 14 miles, but psychologically it feels harder. (I completed an 18 mile walk on Saturday 2nd June. The hardest part was dealing with the heat...

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