One year later


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It’s been exactly a year and one day since I last posted here. And what a year it’s been! Goodness 2020, you sure decided to throw down the gauntlet, right?

There are multiple reasons why I haven’t been posting: the most pertinent is that I’m currently working full-time and completing an MA which is absorbing all my free metal energy.

It’s been a challenging time for other reasons as well: figuring out if I should switch jobs and weighing up the pros-and-cons (I did, in the end, make the jump, and started at my new company right as lockdown started, which was fun!)

I can’t promise to post with any great frequency over the next few months, as I’ll be heads down on my dissertation. But I do promise to return at some point when it’s all over and write up some reflections about the things I’ve learned from this surreal summer.

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