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This has been an interesting week! I’ve recently joined a D&D group, and we had our second session on Tuesday. It’s been a fun challenge coming up with a backstory (and a dark secret!) for my character. My evenings otherwise have been focused mainly on getting this blog up-and-running!

However, it is now Saturday. My plan is to post links to some of the things I’ve read through the week. Here is the inaugural list: articles that roam far and wide in what they cover, but all (I hope) an interesting read.

The List of Links:

  • How to be Super Organised, on Wholeheartedly Healthy. I have experimented with Evernote (and other digital methods of staying organised) but I always end up coming back to paper. Laura, however, has embraced Evernote and this is a seriously good guide to using it to organise your life.
  • The Non-Simplicity of Mental Illness, on The Last Word on Nothing. Mental illness is complex. The recent trend for equating emotional pain with physical pain can oversimplify. This thought-provoking article challenges us to try and understand mental illness on its own terms, and not by making false comparisons.
  • Roast Pork Spring Rolls, on Taste.com.au. I had a bunch of leftover pork to use up, so I made spring rolls for the first time ever! They were SO good. Highly recommend this recipe.
  • How to Recover Your Core Rhythm, on HBR. An interesting take on the power of sleep and exercise. Tony suggests we need to follow a rhythmic approach to our life, which I agree with.
  • 7 Reasons to Slow Down This Summer (Plus, a Calming Meditation), on Yoga Journal. School summer holidays have just started, which means everything at my job slows right down. It’s a great time to focus on some of the important but less urgent jobs.


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  • Hi! Thank you so much for sharing my piece on mental illness. I think you summed up what I was trying to say better than I did. I’m happy it led to me discovering your blog–I’ll be reading!


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