The End of a sabbatical


I have a single weekend left in the USA. These three months have passed quickly and strangely. There were difficult personal things to deal with, as my husband dealt with the sickness and then death of his father. And I was burned out from two long years of stress, anxiety, bad news. There is no doubt that I was exhausted. When I first arrived I felt like I couldn’t get enough sleep, I...

Slow travel: give the universe a chance to smile


We have started our journey. I am a big proponent of slow travel. If I can take a boat or train instead of an aeroplane, I will. This is partly about the environment, of course, but it’s also to take the stress out of travel. What good is a holiday if the day before and the day after are spent stewing in stress? When I have to take an aeroplane–such as on this journey–I take my...

How to deal with a distractable mind


We are less than two weeks away from three months of travel, and my brain has been in overdrive. That’s understandable, but it’s been a long week where I have found it exceptionally hard to focus! And in the modern day, there are so many thousands of justifiable distractions that it can be easy to find yourself jumping about aimlessly. So, how do you deal with a distractable mind...

How to deal with transitions in life


Transitions are inevitable in life. From the moment we emerge squalling into the world to the moment we shuffle off this mortal coil, we are faced with times of growth and change. Some changes are sudden and devastating; the death of a close friend or loved one or the sudden loss of a job. These whip through our life with the force of a hurricane, leaving grief in its wake. Other transitions are...

Yoga Practice: Re-Focusing on Sun Salutation A


I first started doing yoga some 15-20 years ago. I borrowed a (mostly text-based) book from the library, which gave me a guide to various poses as well as introduced me to some basic concepts around breathing (helpful) and Vastra Dhauti, in which a cloth is passed down the digestive tract to the stomach in order to cleanse impurities (this one appealed a lot less to teenage me!) Since then...

In gratitude for a lovely Saturday


Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out, there was a gentle breeze, and my spouse and I set ourselves a rather arbitrary quest to go and buy bubble tea, which necessitated us walking some 3 miles down the river into town and then some 3 miles back. People often wonder why I don’t own a car. There is no doubt that cars are useful, and I do occasionally miss the ease of getting anywhere...

Self-Care Checklist for when You Are Sick


I thought I would add a self-care checklist for when you’re sick to my library of self-care checklists! I’ve written a couple before: there’s my self-care checklist for depression and my quick self-care checklist which is more general. However, the past couple of weeks I’ve had both a rotten cold that has gone to my chest (seriously, I cannot shake this irritating cough)...

The five steps to financial freedom


I came up with the following five steps to financial freedom. This isn’t a new approach – most financial gurus will advise you follow the same steps, though the emphasis on each step might be different. Why would you want to aim for financial freedom? Well, even if you love your job and enjoy going to work, financial freedom will remove a lot of stress from your life. You won’t...

15 of the best packed lunches to take to work


There are two great reasons to take a packed lunch to work. The first is that it will save you money. Whilst the actual amount it will save you depends on what you pack in your lunch box versus what you used to spend on eating out or buying prepackaged sandwiches and salads I can guarantee that it will pretty much always work out cheaper. (I mean, unless you regularly put caviar and truffles in...

How to give up alcohol (without feeling deprived)


So you’ve decided to give up alcohol. Maybe you’re partaking in dry January, Go Sober for October, or maybe you’re just trying to cut back after a few too many hangovers. Maybe you’re just giving up for a month, or maybe it’s more long-term. Alcohol is a great social lubricant, but it sucks for our health. Whilst the odd glass of wine or bottle of beer is a harmless...

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