New Years Resolution: Lose weight and be healthy


It’s the time of year when gyms fill up and cake sales nosedive. The single most common New Years Resolution is to lose weight – with related resolutions around exercising more and eating healthier following on its heels. Unfortunately, by February, the cake sales are back up, the gyms have emptied, and we all feel faintly guilty. According to Forbes, just 8% of New Years Resolutions...

10 quick pick-me-ups for when you’re exhausted


Maybe you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up because you’re stressed at work, in the middle of seasonal overwhelm, or just suffering from the January blues. It happens to the best of us – a feeling of exhaustion, a lack of motivation, and a tendency towards irritability. Whatever the reason, here are 10 quick pick-me-ups for when you’re exhausted to help give you the energy...

How to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day


10 a day! That’s the recommendation from a study carried out in February, which advised that eating 10 portions of fruit and veg a day could dramatically decrease the chance of disease. Unfortunately, many of us find it a struggle to eat even the previously recommended 5-a-day. If we want to eat more fruit and veg, we need to change the way we approach food. However, the benefits of...

How to deal with stress at work


Unless you are lucky, chances are high that at some point you’ll have a bad day at work. A project goes wrong. Traffic sucks and you’re late to a meeting. You send an email to someone you wanted to impress with a typo in the subject line. Your customers are particularly unpleasant and entitled. Or maybe you have to deal with the client from hell. I, myself, have been experience a...

Depression Self-Care Checklist


I shared a Self-Care Checklist last month, and I noticed a few people hitting that post after searching for depression self-care checklist. Whilst I think that the first self-care checklist I posted is a great starting point, there are some slightly different self-care things you can do that are more specifically helpful for depression. Important! If you are thinking about suicide If you are at...

Stressful days and learning to look after myself


I wasn’t sure about writing this post. My blog is all about how to be a grown-up, it’s about how to handle everything life throws at you. Surely, therefore, I need to write about how my life is totally together? But, to be honest, the blogs I like to read are the ones where the bloggers seem human. So here’s a little post about me and how I’ve been doing. Busy bee...

Self-Care Checklist – Free Printable


Today was one of those days. I had a moderately stressful weekend. The weather at the moment is half downpour, half humid sweat lodge. I have several projects at work which, whilst going fairly well, feel high-stakes. My spouse was in a grump.  Plus I’m due a period any day now. So this post is both a reminder to myself, and a shout out for anybody who is having a bit of a rubbish day...

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