How to deal with transitions in life


Transitions are inevitable in life. From the moment we emerge squalling into the world to the moment we shuffle off this mortal coil, we are faced with times of growth and change. Some changes are sudden and devastating; the death of a close friend or loved one or the sudden loss of a job. These whip through our life with the force of a hurricane, leaving grief in its wake. Other transitions are...

Why should I keep a budget? Benefits of budgeting


Head to any personal finance blog or forum, and you’re likely to discover that one of the first things you’ll be told to do is keep a budget. Now, if you’re up to your ears in debt and struggling to pay your bills on time, the benefits of creating a budget are obvious (though likely also depressing!) But what if you’re earning enough to coast by? Why should you keep a...

The five steps to financial freedom


I came up with the following five steps to financial freedom. This isn’t a new approach – most financial gurus will advise you follow the same steps, though the emphasis on each step might be different. Why would you want to aim for financial freedom? Well, even if you love your job and enjoy going to work, financial freedom will remove a lot of stress from your life. You won’t...

Routines matter (why dropping my phone led to my life unravelling)


In January I dropped my smartphone. It cracked the screen and rendered it unusable. Super irritating, but I don’t need my phone right? I don’t have a phone contract, and had bought my smartphone outright a couple of years ago. I did a quick bit of research and discovered decent smartphones had become pretty expensive. Unable to justify the expense for a new phone, I borrowed an old...

Set a consistent sleep schedule: why it matters and how to do it


My next few posts are dedicated to sleep. Why? Because sleep is fundamental to achieving almost everything else. Without good quality sleep we are less productive, more stressed, less energetic and more irritable. High quality sleep is important for losing weight and building strength. It’s essential for sensible decision making and the ability to focus. And it’s key to willpower. So...

New Years Resolution: Lose weight and be healthy


It’s the time of year when gyms fill up and cake sales nosedive. The single most common New Years Resolution is to lose weight – with related resolutions around exercising more and eating healthier following on its heels. Unfortunately, by February, the cake sales are back up, the gyms have emptied, and we all feel faintly guilty. According to Forbes, just 8% of New Years Resolutions...

Interview with Selina from Selina Budgets


This week we have something a bit different! As October comes to a close, so does my month of money. I’ll let you know how I did in a few days, once I total everything up. But, after that, I’ll be taking a break from writing about personal finance and writing about other things. However, some of you may want to know even more about budgeting, saving money and getting your personal...

Review of Fabulous – an app to help build healthy rituals


This post is not sponsored. It’s an honest review of Fabulous.  I downloaded Fabulous because I was looking for a routine tracker. I believe that solid routines are essential to my health, happiness, productivity… without them, I plunge into depression, erratic meal times, and insomnia. I’m also a smartphone user, like most of us, and I like to track things. I tried a couple of...

Self-Care Checklist – Free Printable


Today was one of those days. I had a moderately stressful weekend. The weather at the moment is half downpour, half humid sweat lodge. I have several projects at work which, whilst going fairly well, feel high-stakes. My spouse was in a grump.  Plus I’m due a period any day now. So this post is both a reminder to myself, and a shout out for anybody who is having a bit of a rubbish day...

Three Fundamental Life Skills


What are the fundamental life skills that everyone should know? As a teenager I used to devour self-help books. I absorbed every tip and trick going. I knew about the Pomodoro technique, I knew about wearing your gym clothes to bed, and I knew about compound interest back when I was getting £1 a week pocket money. Tips and tricks are good! But over time I have come to see that getting a grasp on...

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