Review of Fabulous – an app to help build healthy rituals


This post is not sponsored. It’s an honest review of Fabulous.  I downloaded Fabulous because I was looking for a routine tracker. I believe that solid routines are essential to my health, happiness, productivity… without them, I plunge into depression, erratic meal times, and insomnia. I’m also a smartphone user, like most of us, and I like to track things. I tried a couple of...

Self-Care Checklist – Free Printable


Today was one of those days. I had a moderately stressful weekend. The weather at the moment is half downpour, half humid sweat lodge. I have several projects at work which, whilst going fairly well, feel high-stakes. My spouse was in a grump.  Plus I’m due a period any day now. So this post is both a reminder to myself, and a shout out for anybody who is having a bit of a rubbish day...

Three Fundamental Life Skills


What are the fundamental life skills that everyone should know? As a teenager I used to devour self-help books. I absorbed every tip and trick going. I knew about the Pomodoro technique, I knew about wearing your gym clothes to bed, and I knew about compound interest back when I was getting £1 a week pocket money. Tips and tricks are good! But over time I have come to see that getting a grasp on...

Monthly Challenge

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