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Are you looking for YouTube based fitness programs? Scroll down to see my favourite programs!

I’ve talked a lot about active movement and how important it is. Any kind of consistent movement you can build into your day is awesome. Cycling to work, going for a lunchtime walk or breaking up your day with a few planks, push-ups and crunches will go a long way. You don’t need a fitness program to stay healthy.

But what if you want more?

However, maybe you are looking to lose weight, build strength or improve your flexibility. To achieve this, you want to follow a structured fitness program of some sort. Fitness programs allow you to focus on specific goals and give you the exercises you need to perform to achieve them.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire a personal trainer. Nor do you need to spend a ton of money on a gym membership.

YouTube based fitness programs cover everything you need to know

These programs will guide you through a structured routine. Do them consistently, and you’re definitely going to see results.

A structured fitness program provides accountability and guidance.

The best YouTube based fitness programs and calendars

I’ve tried out many popular online YouTube based fitness programs, and summed up my favourites as follows:

Eight fantastic online YouTube based fitness programs


Hasfit have several different strength building workout plans ranging from beginner to advanced. The calendars are completely free, and Coach Kozak is motivational and encouraging.

Each workout is around 30 minutes, and combines strength, cardio and flexibility. There are variant exercises for different fitness levels. See the fitness programs.

Hasfit Online Workout Calendar


Blogilates provides a free beginners pilates workout calendar. Plus, if you sign up to her email list you get a new pilates workout calendar every month. She’s a bright and bubbly trainer who will get your abs and butt a hardcore workout.

She does a combination of Pop Pilates and HIIT training. See the blogilates beginners fitness calendar.

Blogilates YouTube Workout Calendar

Yoga Revolution

Yoga Revolution: 31 days of Yoga is a month long yoga program. Adriene is a gentle instructor, and her yoga videos always manage to make me feel happier, more focused and energised. I fully credit the 31 days of yoga routine as being one of the main things that got me out of my depression downward spiral.

By integrating yoga into your daily life, you’ll receive so many more benefits than just the physical. Start the 31 days of Yoga program.

Yoga Revolution YouTube Workout Calendar

GMB Fitness

GMB Fitness have partnered with Whole Life Challenge to provide an 8-week program of 10 minute workouts. I love GMB Fitness. The focus they have on “Physical Autonomy” as opposed to weight-loss or muscle-building is refreshing. They have plenty of premium workout programs on the GMB Fitness website. However, they have also put together an 8-week program of workouts that last just 10 minutes.

These workouts are perfect for people who are short on time. Each workout is designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and body control.

You can start with the week 1 video on YouTube.

30 Day YouTube Workout Calendar

The 30 Day Youtube Workout Calendar includes workouts from different YouTube fitness instructors. Reality of You has put them all together into a 30 day fitness plan that covers HIIT, strength, flexiblity and cardio.

This is a good option if you want lots of variety and different instructors. Find the YouTube Workout Calendar here.

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YouTube 30 Day Fitness Calendar


Fitnessblender has a ton of plans that combine strength and cardio workouts. Each program ranges from $5 to $15, but that’s still a lot cheaper than a gym membership. Each day links through to the appropriate YouTube video.

FitnessBlender break the exercises down, and provide beginner variants. Discover the Fitnessblender workout plans here.

Fitness Blender Workout Program


Zuzkalight workout schedule of the week is a weekly workout schedule. Zuzka posts a new schedule for the week every week. The schedule includes a link to a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout video on YouTube for each day.

The workouts are daily, and combine cardio, strength, and stretching. Scroll down to find the weekly workout schedule.

Zuzka Light Fitness Program

Tim Senesi Yoga – 7 Day Challenge

Tim Senesi posts flexibility, yoga and strength building workouts. He posts two videos a week, as well as several sequences of videos such as 30 day challenges.

This is a 7 day weight-loss yoga YouTube based fitness program. Use the video playlist to see each day.

Tim Senesi 7 day YouTube fitness program

Summer Shape Up

BONUS! Fitnessista Summer Shape Up is an annual routine of free workouts and meal suggestions. This isn’t actually YouTube based, but I’ve included it as a bonus because it’s awesome. Although this doesn’t run all the time, it’s still a great option.

Each year Fitnessista invites you to join her summer shape up. She sends out workout prompts, and schedules, meal ideas and inspiration. Be part of a community all working out at the same time. Learn more about the Summer Shape Up.

Summer Shape Up Workout Program

How to get the most from a home fitness program

There are a few things you don’t get at home that you do get in a class or gym setting. For example, at home it’s much easier to procrastinate about your workout for that day. It’s also harder to ensure your form is correct, and you are carrying out your exercises safely and efficiently.

There are a few things you can do to make a home workout routine more effective.

Get an accountability buddy

Ask a friend or family member to check in on you at a specific time each day to make sure you’ve done your workout. Knowing you have to report to someone else will make you much more likely to do it!

Get a form check from an experienced friend or personal trainer

You might want to do a couple of yoga classes or a couple of sessions with a personal trainer first, to make sure you understand the exercises correctly, and aren’t going to hurt yourself.

Workout with someone else

This is a great thing to do as a couple, with your kids, or even with your BFF. Again, you get the accountability, but you are also more likely to push yourself with someone else around!

Schedule your workouts

Most programs require either daily workouts, or workouts 3-4 times a week. Put these into your calendar and commit to them. Otherwise you’ll find yourself forgetting, or booking other appointments. If exercise is important to you then you need to prioritise it.

Join the community

Most of the fitness programs listed have specific hashtags, facebook groups, membership sites and so on where you can chat with fellow trainees. Again, it gives you the social aspect and the feeling of accountability. Plus, when you see other people succeeding, it can feel quite inspiring!

What’s your favourite YouTube based fitness program? 

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