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How clean eating fed my depression


There’s an image that turns up in ‘health and wellness’ spaces. It’s white. Glowing. Minimalist. There’s usually a pop of colour – a green smoothie, or a plate of colourful fruit. Sometimes there will be earthy, natural things around – apples, or wheat, or coffee beans. It is the ‘instagram’ shot. It is #cleaneating. The goal of that picture is to communicate a type of lifestyle. It...

Weekend Reading


You ever have a week where you just feel ‘off’ somehow, but can’t quite put your finger on why? That’s me right now. I’ve been distracted and slow-witted all week. Here’s hoping the weekend perks me up. Meanwhile, here are my links for the weekend. A slightly random array, but all fascinating. 10 Extremely Precise Words for Emotions You Didn’t Even Know You Had...

The Evolution of my Planning System


I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with different planning systems, and over time I’ve gotten closer and closer to my perfect planner. The Digital Planning System It all started with digital planning. My preferred solution was a combination of Google Calendar for time blocking, and various to-do list apps to keep track of actions. Google Calendar kept me focused on what I should...

The best online YouTube based fitness programs


Are you looking for YouTube based fitness programs? Scroll down to see my favourite programs! I’ve talked a lot about active movement and how important it is. Any kind of consistent movement you can build into your day is awesome. Cycling to work, going for a lunchtime walk or breaking up your day with a few planks, push-ups and crunches will go a long way. You don’t need a...

Review of Fabulous – an app to help build healthy rituals


This post is not sponsored. It’s an honest review of Fabulous.  I downloaded Fabulous because I was looking for a routine tracker. I believe that solid routines are essential to my health, happiness, productivity… without them, I plunge into depression, erratic meal times, and insomnia. I’m also a smartphone user, like most of us, and I like to track things. I tried a couple of...

Deal with your period (like a grown up)


Periods. Don’t you just love them? They are so convenient, so pleasant, and always, somehow, so timely Yeah. No. My period started two days ago. So, I decided to dedicate this post to everything you could ever want to know about dealing with your period. Buckle in folks, this is a long one. A brief overview of different ways to deal with the blood There are several different options for...

Weekend Reading


I am gearing up for a fun Saturday of walking, board games and slow-cooker pulled pork! These are all things that make me happy – and it’s taken me a long time to start investing in my own happiness. Once upon a time I thought I had to fill every waking moment with something productive. Now, I take the time to do the things that make life worth living. The things that bring me joy. As...

Self-Care Checklist – Free Printable


Today was one of those days. I had a moderately stressful weekend. The weather at the moment is half downpour, half humid sweat lodge. I have several projects at work which, whilst going fairly well, feel high-stakes. My spouse was in a grump.  Plus I’m due a period any day now. So this post is both a reminder to myself, and a shout out for anybody who is having a bit of a rubbish day...

Weekend Reading


This has been an interesting week! I’ve recently joined a D&D group, and we had our second session on Tuesday. It’s been a fun challenge coming up with a backstory (and a dark secret!) for my character. My evenings otherwise have been focused mainly on getting this blog up-and-running! However, it is now Saturday. My plan is to post links to some of the things I’ve read...

Show Real Blogs – Sharing real life!


Really liked this idea for Show Real Blogs by Kate at Kate on Thin Ice! The idea is to share stories about your ‘real’ life, as opposed to the ‘highlights’ reel we often share on social media. So, I am currently trying to renew my rental contract for my lovely apartment. I have a great landlord, I’m in a wonderful part of Oxford, the rent hasn’t gone up in...

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