Weekly Reflections #6


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Goodness, but life is busy!

Trying to balance all the different elements is quite a trick. Somehow we must:

  • Work a job to earn money and, perhaps, if we’re lucky, to experience some kind of fulfilment.
  • Carry out all the maintenance tasks of life, such as laundry, cooking, shopping, washing up, gardening and so forth.
  • Spend time with the people we love and that are important to us; support our friends and family as we would want to be supported.
  • Look after our physical and mental health through exercise, relaxation, getting enough sleep and all the other types of self-care.

And, of course, we all have our own ambitions as well… whether to play musical instruments, write a novel, learn a foreign language, climb a mountain, hike a trail, volunteer for a cause we care about and all the rest of it.

It’s no wonder I keep dropping balls.

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