Weekly Reflections #3


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In no particular order:

  • Less than one week until I am in the USA! How exciting. I’m going to get to see mangrove forests and alligators and ALL SORTS.
  • I am currently making this black bean and chicken soup with leftover roast chicken. It’s so easy. And I always feel properly domesticated when I use leftover ingredients in other meals.
  • I joined my local library! Finally! I’ve only lived here for four years.
  • We spend too much money on eating out. It’s a problem, and one to nip in the bud in August when we’re back home.
  • I’ve been extra hayfever-y lately and it’s making me irritated and tired. Looking forward to going to Florida where the grass does not grow! 😀
  • I just finished This is the Way the World Ends* by James Morrow. It’s odd how so many of the same fears come around again. It might not be atomic bombs we worry about now, but the same despair and fear and anger is definitely elicited by Climate Change/Climate Crisis. And that same sense of unforgivable crimes against children and the unborn. Similar to the point where Jeff Nesbit used the same title for a (non-fiction) book about Climate Change.
  • I volunteered as a Greenpeace Activist. I haven’t actually done the online training yet but that’s the first step.

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