Weekly Reflections #2


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In no particular order:

  • I freaking love Final Fantasy 7 and I am so stoked for the remake. But do I buy a PS4? Or do I hope the PS5 comes out before the game? Because it seems pretty clear that future parts will be for the PS5, right? Yeesh, gaming is so confusing.
  • I had some leftover cookies going stale, so I turned them into cookie crumbs and mixed them with peanut butter and then melted some chocolate and coated the cookie-peanut-butter-balls with chocolate. I have no idea what weird thing I’ve created, but it tastes good.
  • Big Work Project is done, and now I feel exhausted and unmotivated, even though results of BWP seem positive overall. I’m glad I’m going on holiday soon, I think I need a break.
  • I was supposed to go for a 30 mile walk today, but the person I was walking with fell off her bike and fractured her elbow. Every now and then I think about taking up cycling, and then somebody I know falls off their bike and gets injured.
  • Instead of going for the 30 mile walk, I signed up to an aerial class in a fit of optimism. I tried a pole dancing class once and hated it. I didn’t realise that it HURT and you end up covered in bruises. I’m hoping aerial is a bit more forgiving.
  • I feel like nothing of interest has happened this week, but that isn’t true. I played Call of Cthulhu, and my character is definitely on the trail of something important. (Or deadly. Probably deadly.) I had dinner with a friend. And I went to yoga. All cool things!

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