Set a consistent sleep schedule: why it matters and how to do it


My next few posts are dedicated to sleep. Why? Because sleep is fundamental to achieving almost everything else. Without good quality sleep we are less productive, more stressed, less energetic and more irritable. High quality sleep is important for losing weight and building strength. It’s essential for sensible decision making and the ability to focus. And it’s key to willpower. So...

How I finally fixed my sleep issues (for once and for all)


In the not-so-distant past, I used to struggle with sleep issues and insomnia. I would go to bed, and then toss-and-turn for what felt like hours. I’d peek at the clock and groan when I realised I had to be up in 5 hours. I’d toss and turn some more, then I’d look at the clock again. Up in 3 hours. Finally I would drift into an uncertain sleep, only to be destroyed by the sound of my alarm going...

Three Fundamental Life Skills


What are the fundamental life skills that everyone should know? As a teenager I used to devour self-help books. I absorbed every tip and trick going. I knew about the Pomodoro technique, I knew about wearing your gym clothes to bed, and I knew about compound interest back when I was getting £1 a week pocket money. Tips and tricks are good! But over time I have come to see that getting a grasp on...

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