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Kate on thin iceReally liked this idea for Show Real Blogs by Kate at Kate on Thin Ice! The idea is to share stories about your ‘real’ life, as opposed to the ‘highlights’ reel we often share on social media.

So, I am currently trying to renew my rental contract for my lovely apartment. I have a great landlord, I’m in a wonderful part of Oxford, the rent hasn’t gone up in three years and basically I would sell a kidney to stay living here if I needed to.

Anyway, the letting agency emailed me last week to ask me if I wanted to come in and sign the papers. I said ‘Yes please!” and suggested either Friday evening or Saturday…

…Alas, they did not email back until the following Monday.

However, in that email they offered me a 10am Saturday appointment with a colleague. I happily confirmed the time and day…

… only to have my spouse remind me that we’d already organised to visit my parents Friday evening and some friends on Saturday. D’oh!

So I emailed the letting agency back and said ‘please can I do Thursday afternoon instead!’

… and got an out-of-office saying the person wouldn’t be back until Thursday! Nooooo!

I pulled on my grown-up pants, and phoned the letting agency today…

… only to discover that I had called the WRONG AGENCY.

How is that even possible?

I did eventually manage to get through to the right person and have got an appointment for 4pm tomorrow. Cross fingers that I actually manage to make it there, with all the correct documents!


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    • Thank you! I think your stepdad has the right idea – a phone call is usually the quickest way to sort something out!

  • Strange things certainly happen IT wise, Recently several blog posts that I love and think are good have ended up in trash folder. Oxford is a lovely city – used to work there many years ago and love the countryside around it. Thanks so much for joining in with #ShowRealBlogs

    • Thanks for coming up with it 🙂 Love the idea. Oxford is lovely – have been a few years now, and it is great for both access to countryside and access to city things like museums.

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