Earn money on the side: Prolific


I’ve explored a lot of ‘side-hustles‘ over the years, from Fiverr to this very blog. Most have earned me a little bit here and there, but been a lot of work. However, Prolific (not a referral link) has been a steady earner for me over the past few years. How much do I earn on Prolific? I earn between £20-60 a month, depending on the studies that come up and how much time I...

How to earn money on Fiverr


In this post I will discuss how to earn money on Fiverr – you’ve heard of Fiverr right? It’s a marketplace where you can find people selling design, writing and coding services. The name reflects the fact that most things sell for $5. People use it to commission logos, book covers, business card design and so on. I made $1,180 on Fiverr as a seller, mostly from creating ebook...

Month of Money: How to earn money on the side


I’ve decided that October is now officially the ‘Month of Money’. It’s after the summer holidays, with all the holiday and bbq expenses that entails. And it’s before the Christmas season kicks into high gear, with all the related present and food expenses! My goal this October is to save/earn £500+ that I can put back into my emergency fund. This week we are going to look at how to earn money on...

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