Weekly Reflections #4


Oof, it’s been a while. But that’s life. It always gets in the way of my best intentions somehow. But the important thing is to pick back up where you left off and keep going. In no particular order: I went on holiday. I got to see manatees and thunderstorms and dolphins. The world is wide, deep and full of beautiful, exciting and strange things. Lightning I finished Absalom, Absalom...

Eat better, feel better: the best diet for depression


Let me start with the bad news. You can’t cure your depression by eating a stalk of broccoli. Sorry. And, as I talked about in my post about how clean eating fed my depression, trying to achieve a ‘perfect’ diet can make depression and anxiety worse, not better. Now for the good news! There is a lot of research about the link between diet and depression. Eating a nourishing and...

15 of the best packed lunches to take to work


There are two great reasons to take a packed lunch to work. The first is that it will save you money. Whilst the actual amount it will save you depends on what you pack in your lunch box versus what you used to spend on eating out or buying prepackaged sandwiches and salads I can guarantee that it will pretty much always work out cheaper. (I mean, unless you regularly put caviar and truffles in...

How to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day


10 a day! That’s the recommendation from a study carried out in February, which advised that eating 10 portions of fruit and veg a day could dramatically decrease the chance of disease. Unfortunately, many of us find it a struggle to eat even the previously recommended 5-a-day. If we want to eat more fruit and veg, we need to change the way we approach food. However, the benefits of...

How I save money on my grocery bill


Confession: I am a foodie. And groceries? They are my nemesis. I can rack up a £100 shopping bill in the time it takes you to say “Do you really need the Cerignola olives?” Extra virgin olive oil drizzled over my tomato, basil, mozzarella and spinach salad. Potatoes roasted in rich, buttery ghee. The nutty deliciousness of hemp oil married with a treacle-thick balsamic vinegar. A...

How clean eating fed my depression


There’s an image that turns up in ‘health and wellness’ spaces. It’s white. Glowing. Minimalist. There’s usually a pop of colour – a green smoothie, or a plate of colourful fruit. Sometimes there will be earthy, natural things around – apples, or wheat, or coffee beans. It is the ‘instagram’ shot. It is #cleaneating. The goal of that picture is to communicate a type of lifestyle. It...

Three Fundamental Life Skills


What are the fundamental life skills that everyone should know? As a teenager I used to devour self-help books. I absorbed every tip and trick going. I knew about the Pomodoro technique, I knew about wearing your gym clothes to bed, and I knew about compound interest back when I was getting £1 a week pocket money. Tips and tricks are good! But over time I have come to see that getting a grasp on...

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