The five steps to financial freedom


I came up with the following five steps to financial freedom. This isn’t a new approach – most financial gurus will advise you follow the same steps, though the emphasis on each step might be different. Why would you want to aim for financial freedom? Well, even if you love your job and enjoy going to work, financial freedom will remove a lot of stress from your life. You won’t...

Did I manage to save an extra £500 this month?


I set myself a challenge at the start of October: to save or earn an additional £500 to throw back into my savings. I challenged myself to cut expenses, earn extra money on the side, and generally spend less than I earned. So, how did I do? Cutting back on fixed costs: I set myself the goal of slashing some of my subscriptions. I spoke to my mobile phone provider, my broadband provider and I...

Interview with Selina from Selina Budgets


This week we have something a bit different! As October comes to a close, so does my month of money. I’ll let you know how I did in a few days, once I total everything up. But, after that, I’ll be taking a break from writing about personal finance and writing about other things. However, some of you may want to know even more about budgeting, saving money and getting your personal...

Month of Money: Cut back on expenses


I’ve decided that October is now officially the ‘Month of Money‘. It’s after the summer holidays, with all the expenses that entails. And it’s before the holiday season kicks into high gear, with all the related present and food expenses! My goal this October is to save/earn £500+ that I can put back into my emergency fund. What’s your goal? Week one: Cut back...

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