A review of Passion Planner – goal planner and organiser


I wrote about the Passion Planner in my post about the evolution of my planning system. Now that it’s coming up for a full year of use — I’ve just purchased my Passion Planner for 2018 — I thought I would write a review of Passion Planner. Note that I am not an affiliate for Passion Planner. I just love it. :p Review of Passion Planner: what is the Passion Planner? The...

The Evolution of my Planning System


I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with different planning systems, and over time I’ve gotten closer and closer to my perfect planner. The Digital Planning System It all started with digital planning. My preferred solution was a combination of Google Calendar for time blocking, and various to-do list apps to keep track of actions. Google Calendar kept me focused on what I should...

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