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The Long Road Down: Planning for an uncertain future


I recently stumbled on a link to this article: The Long Road Down: Decline and the Deindustrial Future and it was sobering but oddly hopeful read. Like a lot of people, I struggle with climate doomism, and a vague feeling of powerless bewilderment. I wrote about How to Deal with Climate Change (Without Getting Overwhelmed) back in 2019, and then again in 2020 when I wrote This is the Way the...

This is the way the world ends (the world will be just fine)


I recently read N.K. Jemsin’s Broken Earth trilogy*. An epic sci-fi/fantasy, it was gripping and fantastical. One of the points she makes is that apocalypses are happening all the time, somewhere. We talk about climate change (nuclear winter, over-population, etc.) as being the end of the world, but what we really mean is that it will be the end of us. It will, of course, be a shame if...

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