Month of Money: October’s financial makeover


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September was an expensive month for me.

I got hit with an unexpected £516 bill when I sent my car in for it’s MOT. And then I dropped a further £530 on a new pair of glasses.

Luckily I have an emergency fund for situations like that… but still!

I also know that we’re about to hit the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, present-giving, and lots of meals out, parties, and over-indulgence looms on the horizon.

As such, I’ve decided to make October a Month of Money. I’m going to set myself some weekly financial challenges. All you wonderful readers who want to tighten your belt and save some cash before spending spree season is upon us are welcome to join me!

The month of money! Weekly challenges to help you cut costs and earn more!

Month of Money: Financial Makeover

Here’s how it works. Every Monday I’ll be posting a specific financial challenge. Then, at the end of the week, I’ll update about how I did and invite you all to share your stories with me!

The ultimate aim is to head into the holiday season with our finances under control, and a holiday budget set.

We will cover:

  • Reducing our expenses
  • Increasing our income
  • And paying off debt or increasing our savings

I suggest you set yourself a financial goal to meet by the end of October!

My Month of Money: Financial Goal

My goal is to save a minimum of £500 which I’ll put back into my emergency fund. This means I need to either cut my expenses by £500 or earn an additional £500 (or a combination of the two!)

Drop your goal in the comments!

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